For the protection of your precious skin,we promote the loving care of healthy skin,especially for those with delicate skin or skin conditions.

The human skin, of both the young and old, has the original power of
protecting itself and overcoming skin problems.

However, there are many factors which prevent this skin potential from
functioning properly in our modern living environment.

For people of all ages:
We desire to support individuals, as well as their families, who suffer
from skin troubles.
With this goal in mind, Yamamizuki was created.

We believe in the potential for all people to have healthy skin
and for your skin to regain its vitality.
We seek to protect and enhance your healthy skin through
the use of our products and various other endeavors.

Our mission is the care protection of your skin

We conduct research on the skin's potential and the relationship between the negative influences of outside stress on the skin. We seek to understand the ways that our modern lifestyle--housing, food, and clothing--contribute to a variety of skin troubles. We provide information and assistance about the care and protection of skin through the development of skin care products and through the mass media.

In addition, we have established the Institute of Skin Care Education and hold seminars for the enhancement of healthy skin. We share our knowledge with a wide audience and work together on a variety of activities dedicated to the protection and enrichment of healthy skin.

Product Introduction

My Mist Lotion|The blessing of hot springs with pH 2.5 soothes the troubled skin with mist.

Molecules of hot spring-derived ingredients moisturize the keratinous layer and relieve skin trouble by improving the barrier function of the skin.

Blending three kinds of acidic hot spring water in our original combination, we have realized a pH value 2.5 that prevents skin roughness.
My Mist Lotion will also get rid of unnecessary bacteria causing itchiness on the skin. And being additive free, it is safe enough for even a baby's sensitive skin. It can also be used in combination with your current lotion.

For itch relief

Rough skin is a condition in which the skin loses its capacity to retain moisture. As the skin's barrier function is weakened, the skin becomes vulnerable to extraneous stimuli and more prone to itching or irritation caused by bacterial growth.
For skin with a weakened barrier, the first priority should be on removing bacteria and keeping the skin clean with acidic (low pH) water. Then, with sufficient moisture, healthy skin is produced and maintained.

Cluster Stone|For the safety of daily drinking water. Percolated water soothes your skin from inside the body.

Ceramic stones mixed with sea coral powder; makes our daily drinking water mild and safe.

Just putting Cluster Stone pebbles in your home drinking water breaks water molecule clusters into smaller clusters, and this cluster reduction helps cells in the human body absorb the water more easily.
My Mist Lotion has also been created through the process of filtering with these stones, carefully and repeatedly, until the water molecules become such that they are easily absorbed by the skin.

Pure and healthy water: always available in your home.

Water with smaller clusters has higher absorption capacity, which helps minerals reach the entire body more effectively.
Cluster Stone enables you to enjoy such pure and healthy water in your home on a daily basis in a convenient and economical way. Placing the stones directly in water causes its clusters to become smaller. It converts any water, including filtered water, mineral water on the market, even tap water, into even more healthy and mild drinking water.

Company Profile・Contact Information

Company Name



Yuka Yamamoto, President


5 million yen

Main Business

  1. 1. R&D, production and sales of cosmetics
  2. 2. Development and sales of water, mineral water, health drink
  3. 3. Sales, export, and import of a large variety of goods
  4. 4. Mail order website and catalogue


3-8-16, Yukawa, Kokura-Minamiku, Kitakyushu-shi,
Fukuoka, 800-0527,


0800-200-4870, 093-953-7070